"Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he has been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just like people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, and most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is just like an old time rail journey ... delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride."

~ Gordon B. Hinckley

January 15, 2010

Better Late than Never

I started working on this post shortly after New Year's- I wanted to include pics and video... and its taken me awhile to get it all together. When I saw April's post, it got me in gear to finish it up.

2009, a year in review.

January 1, 2009 was spent with our friends at the Front Street Pub- the Band was "The Reloaders" and we were a mess! I was happy my Dear Friend, Summer was in town to join us!

The rest of January was pretty BLAH.
P and I were putting the final touches on the inside of the house...and working day and night!

Through a huge party to celebrate Patrick Graduating from RN School

FINALLY we moved into our HOUSE!

Became instant friends with ONE COOL chick, named "The Channel 8 Girl"

And then through Elise, I met Rebecca... who is one of the funniest and sweetest people I know!
She just started her own blog: Check it Out!

Elise, aka "The Channel 8 Girl", GOT VIOLET the Smartest Most Adorable PIG you will ever meet!!!
Violet made 2009 VERY interesting... she is such a diva.

March was a BUSY BUSY Month for me, The Ritz Players were in Full Practice Mode
for our performance in April.
Patrick, along with his brothers, placed a new roof on our house.
We removed our asbestos siding and insulation wrapped our house in preperation for
our new hardyboard siding.

My nephew, Taylor, turned ONE!

I Partipated in
GAAC's perfomance at the RITZ
as Tina Turner

Hardyboard siding was completed and house was painted.

I was one of the three Butler County Relay For Life Judges, along with Michael and Elise.
We judged tents, food, and Greenville Idol- It was a hoot!

Patrick and I joined Allison,Chris and the kids at the River House... this time, Patrick didn't even attempt to water ski. He knows I'm the queen of water skiing.- Bow Down :)

I turned 26!!!

For my birthday, We (Patrick, Allison, Chris, and I)  took a Road Trip to Texas
It was so neat to see my childhood home.
You can read about it HERE

4th of July at the AL River

I met CHIP ELLIS and did my impersonation of him... for him, which was pretty much the highlight of my year at this point... until October.

And since you probably don't know who he is...
Here is one of Chip's Commercials! I AM THE BANK!

Had ANOTHER allergic reaction to SHRIMP!
This was a hilarious night, Patrick has forbid me from eating shrimp ever again.
(It looks like little shrimp around my eyes... you are what you eat)
You can see a pic of my first reaction HERE.

A TX Road Trip with my folks... you can read about it
and HERE 3.

Threw a Baby Shower for my Sister-In-Law Tracy at our house

During the 2009 year, I spent quite a few nights Jamming Out at the Norman's House!
I love these folks!
Steve (far left) is an Avid Reader of my blog... but never leaves comments. lol.

Read about our CANOE CAMPING TRIP on the COOSA

Welcomed our new Niece, Emelia into the world.
Sang with the Ritz Players at the Butler County Fair
Threw the Bachelorette Party for my friend, April.
April married Dale who happens to be a Firefighter/Paramedic along with Patrick.  So, I thought
a Fireman themed Bachelorette Party complete with firehat veils for all the girls would be Cute!
Here was the invitation:
with the help of Faceinhole.com... everyone got a kick out of these.

I MET Sammy Stephens the Flea Market Montgomery Guy and did my impersonation of him... for him!!

Here is his famous commercial:

Here is a Family Guy parody of him

and HERE is his appearence on Ellen

Patrick had to work Thanksgiving :( I went to my folks house.
Patrick turned 29- YIKES!
(his very first REAL Birthday Cake, complete with his
 favorite cartoon character... Avatar The Last Airbender)

We watched our friends, April and Dale Wed

NEW MOON Party at my house!

Saw a Christmas Story at Shakespeare with Elise and Rebecca
Started a tradition with our friends:
A Pajama Party, with a gift exchange, and plenty of breakfast food.
My cheesy cheesy cheese grits were The Bomb- had to make a second batch.

P showing off one of his gifts

Lacy Jo and her too cute Apron and Jammies!

Christmas Day with Emily (my sister) doing our Signature Olan Mills Pose
at Bumble Bee and Paw Paw's House

New Year's 2010 was spent at The Pub with our friends, with the Reloaders Band!

Twenty Ten
2010 Started off nice... but just one week into it, Allison and I were in a pretty bad wreck.
We were waiting to turn on my street and this car below rammed into us.

Here is my car... I have to give my Pontic G6 Props, she held up pretty well.

So there you have it... all I can recollect for the year 2009.
Happy New Year


steve norman said...

wow so proud to be included...sorry about the wreck what a way to start 2010...peace

Rebecca said...

I don't know about you, but 2009 was a better year because I met you, friend. Thanks for the blog shout out!!