"Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he has been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just like people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, and most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is just like an old time rail journey ... delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride."

~ Gordon B. Hinckley

May 18, 2013

Gymnastics Showcase! May 18, 2013

Here are some videos from the Gym-Babies Gymnastics Showcase from today. 
I am so proud of my girl! 

I haven't been able to see her participate since the first class... she "acts up" when I'm in sight, so I have to sit in my car during practice. 

She did great! I was very proud, mostly, from how she followed directions, stayed in line and waited for her turn.  I think there were only two brief meltdowns.

The Vault!

The Bars!... well, Bar!


A flip on the Beam (assisted, of course)
 Camille has gone from running away from the coaches and yelling, "Nnnnoooo, I don't wanna swing like a monkey" to getting her first medal. AND, to think- I almost pulled her out of the class. Thank you, Lauren and coaches for your patience... Camille has really enjoyed being a part of the Gym-Babies and we look forward to the Summer Session!

Here is Camille on her first day of class, August 2012... just shy of two of years old. 
She is growing too fast!

We Love you, Camille!

August 9, 2012

Can I get a "Do Over" Day?

I had an Endodontist appointment scheduled for Thursday July 12, 2012 to have a tooth evaluated for a root canal. Before heading to my appointment in Montgomery, I realized I had misplaced my debit card. (Whomp. Whomp- story of my LIFE)

***Ask ANY of my friends to name THE most annoying thing about me and they will all say the same thing: having to “spot me” for dinner or buy my movie ticket due to me constantly losing my debit card.***

I stopped by the house and looked for it in the usual places: Jean pockets, dresser, kitchen counter, purse (aka: the Black Hole) and all through my vehicle. I couldn’t find it!

The last place I used my debit card was at Taco Bell the night before and I thought I might have dropped it in the drive-thru because during the "transaction of tacos", I caught Camille ---via REAR View mirror--- gagging herself, with purposeful intentions of making herself puke. It’s like a game to her! “Hehe! Mommy isn’t paying attention to me for 20 seconds and I’m stuck/buckled in this car seat… I know what I’ll do (inserts fist in mouth).


Here, lately… I have been misplacing my debit card among other things like crazy! Patrick is super annoyed with me because of this.  I feel like my brain is gone and will return once Camille reaches the age of reason, what age is that?! 

ANYWAYS- I’m just trying to survive this second year of Camille’s life, folks. Okay.

Back to the story---

If I don’t head to Montgomery soon, I’ll be late for my Endodontist Appt. So, I grab my check book and head out the door.

I needed to get some gas!

The Greenville Chevron (which always takes my checks) was packed, so I just scooted onto the interstate thinking I will just get gas at the Hope Hull Exit.  On the way to Montgomery, I call my friend Lacy and ask her to look for my debit card in the Taco Bell bags from last night… she does (bless her), but- no debit card. I call Taco Bell and I didn’t leave it there.

I’m so annoyed with myself, and to top it all off… my tooth has its very own pulsating heartbeat.

It has been one of those, “Can I get a do-over?” days!

Gas lights ON and the Hope Hull Exit is approaching. I get off the Exit and turn into the first gas station on the right hand side of the interstate. I pull up to the pump, grab my check book fully intending to “Pay before I Pump”, I walk inside with pen in hand ready to write out my check…when the teller shoots me down,

“Sorry, we don’t take checks”.
Me: “Really, well what gas station does around here?”
“The Shell across the interstate”

No biggie, I shrug, and head to my car.

Pull up to the Shell station; teller is outside smoking a cig:
Me: “Hey there, do y’all take checks”
Me: “I really need some gas and the other station sent me here, they said you take checks…”
We don’t… anymore.
Me: “Well, would you make an exception?… I am almost out of gas and I have misplaced my debit card.”
Sorry, wish I could help you. I think the gas station on the corner of Hyundai Blvd. takes checks.
Me: Thanks

Now, I'm officially going to be late for my appointment, I head to Hyundai Blvd.

Same situation: a “Nope” and a “SORRY”.

I head back towards the interstate and decide this will be the last gas station I will stop at  and plea for them to accept my check before cancelling my appointment and calling someone for help (and, let me just say---- I’d rather WALK back to Greenville before I would call Patrick to rescue me from this situation! I would NEVER, EVER hear the end of this one!!!).

I go inside and they said, “No” too… I pleaded, but the answer was “No” but at least he offered to put 2 dollars’ worth of gas in my car for free.

Yeah, thanks- that will take me all of 17 feet.

I walked out feeling like a complete schmuck! I was heading back to my car when a man pumping gas in his truck gave me a friendly smile.

I’m not sure if I even smiled back… I was too focused on getting in my car to cry black mascara tears.

BUT- something made me do what I did next… It was a scary thing to do and completely out of character: I was at my car; turned completely around and walked right up to the man with the friendly smile and said, “I need some help…”

I caught him off guard… so he responded with a nonchalant, “ok”. 

(And, he was kinda' looking at me how I suspect I would look at someone approaching me at a gas station vaguely asking for help.  I don’t know about you, but anytime someone approaches me at a gas station for help, I always assume they’re a crack-head. Always...)

I broke down and went straight to the “Ugly Cry”… and the man was just pumping his gas and I couldn’t really “read” him, you know? So, (between hyperventilating huffs) I told him that I was out of gas…had a Dr. appointment in Montgomery….and lost my debit card…. and all I had was a check…. and NONE OF THE GAS STATIONS WOULD TAKE my CHECK! 

He didn’t say anything for a moment… and just when I thought he was going to say, “No, you crazy crack-head... get a JOB!”

He said, “How much do you need?”



Those five words sent me into the type of Cry that comes after the “Ugly Cry” I don’t have a name for this cry--- yet, so for descriptive purposes, I'll call it the “Tailspin Cry”!

I responded with, “(hyperventilating huff) 10 Dollars”.

Then he said, “That’s all…?”

To which I responded, “(hyperventilating huff) 20 Dollars”.

He smiles and says, “Okay.”

I insisted that he let me pay him with a check and as I beginning to write, a lady came out of the gas station… now, I don’t know if this lady was his girlfriend, wife or sister--- so, we'll call her “Lady Friend”.

Lady friend approached us and she knew something was going on. All I could think was, “She thinks I’m a crack-head, or a hooker! ---- I know she does!”

I asked for his name and as I was writing out the check, Lady Friend asked him, “What’s going on?”  Steve (That was his name), explained to Lady Friend that he was helping me out by putting some gas in my car and I was writing him a check because none of the gas stations will accept my check.  

Lady Friend looked at me, “Is it a good check?” Initially, I took offense to that… and then I thought about how I have acted in the past when strangers have approached Patrick for help. (Always a skeptic!)

Just when my tears had subsided, they come back in full-force when trying to convince her (the best I could, in between hyperventilating huffs) that my check was indeed good and that I really appreciated them doing this for me…

Lady Friend came over beside me and put her hand on my back which automatically set off my "Hug Trigger"! 

And then--- 

“BANG!” It went off again and I had to give Mr. Steve a hug as well.

I thanked them 100 times over! And they were like: “It’s no big deal… Don’t worry about it…Quit crying…”

They drove away, I put 20 bucks worth of gas in my car… called the Doctors Office and told them I was on my way, late--- but, on my way! Went to my appointment (No root canal needed, by the way)

While heading home, I realized that I didn’t get their contact information… and, I wanted to write them a real “Thank You” note and had no way to contact them!  

That evening, I began my PI Detective work… 
I searched for Steve ________ on Facebook. No luck. 
I searched the white pages, No luck. 
I "googled" him, No luck!

I waited and waited and waited for the check to clear… and finally it did! I got the information off the back of the check, called the bank where it was cashed and spoke to “Jolencia” in customer service and told her the short version of the story above and she was more than helpful. She found Steve, but explained that she couldn’t give me any information… but, she would try and call him and give him my number.” 

Thank YOU, Jolencia!!!

5 minutes later… my phone rang. 

I have his address and I found THE PERFECT “Thank You” card for him and mailed it off today! 

It reads:

Ephesians 1:16 (NIV)
I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.


What an Angel you were to me that day! Thank you for your help… Would you believe my debit card had fallen between my seats!?!?! :) 

Please go to: 

Where I shared the story of your kindness with the World Wide Web, in hopes that others will be inspired to help someone in need like you have inspired me!

Thanks again!


November 30, 2011

The Birthday Post!


Now let me start off this post by saying: I AM NOT going to be one of those mommies that throws an outrageous birthday party every single year... I'm not, really. I'm way too frugal and besides if she has a big birthday party every year after a while, they won't be SOoooooo special.  I had to throw a good FIRST, because YA' JUST. GOTTA!,  right!? When deciding what to do for Camille's party, I came across the idea of having a book party. 

(Yeah, I know- the kids ONE and can't even read... yeah, I know.)
The reason(s):
  • Knowing a child will be more interested in the wrapping paper, box and the bow rather than the actual gift, I've always been "stumped" as to what to take as a gift to a baby's first birthday party and didn't want to "stump" the party guests! 
  • Toys break, batteries run-down and eventually they all end up in yard sales... but, a good book lasts forever and so will the memories of  reading to her. I could ALSO go on and on about how books are on the verge of extinction and so is the past-time of reading to your children... but, that's for another post on another day....
  • And last, but not least: WHAT in the crap, would I do with a gazillion new toys?!?!  Our sweet lil' house is already busting at the seams with all of Camille's "stuff"! 
Anyways.... BACK to the party: 

I searched and searched for "Book Party" ideas on the internet and that wasn't much help.  I did, however. come across this: click here: See Harper turn one.

Because, I'm a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due: After seeing Harper's first birthday party that her Mommy blogged about, I was completely intrigued and the wheels in this head of mine starting spinning! I loved how the decor was like a vintage school theme and how all the colors were muted and very retro. The whole party was inspiration for me- but, of course, I had to make it my own.

I decided to use a Dick and Jane theme myself... but, only with the invites.  I contacted my go-to Photographer, Lori Mercer and told her of my idea of having the Birthday invites mimic an actual Dick and Jane book. I cannot brag enough about this lady... because, she jumped on my idea and came up with these.

Now, I had planned on making them myself- but, she offered to "whip something up" and I was glad to let her because she has all the cool software and neat-o fonts! BUT- this invite can totally be accomplished by using Microsoft Word and choosing the "Booklet" setting. Use "Georgia" font and copy and paste your pictures to each of the booklet "pages" The "book" invite is printed on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock paper and crease/folded in half. The invite:
See Camille. 
See Camille turn one. 
Come see Camille have fun! 

For the book labels, I purchased Avery Brand name tags and they did the tick!!!  The name tags were the perfect size and the wax-paper backing taped easily to the back of the invite.  The labels read:

This book belongs to 
Camille Elizabeth
presented by: 

as a gift for her first birthday!

Instead of focusing on using books for decorations... I wanted to focus more on "See Camille Turn One" and use her monthly photos and all the material I used for the monthly photos.

Probably, my most favorite part of the Birthday Party was the location. Drum Roll, please: The Public Library! How perfect is that? I book party at the Library! Our Library has a good size banquet room right as you enter... it was perfect!

The Banner: I borrowed my friends Cricut machine and cut 6 inch letters using scrapbook paper.  The string was actually some funky knitting yard from Wal-Mart (I would not recommend it, it worked- but, it was really flimsy and kept breaking) Using some tiny wooden clothespins, I secured each of the letters. For the    ( i ) and the ( ! ) I used clear scotch tape to make the ( . ) float. AND- added my favorite pictures of Camille from her first year. Get it: See Camille Turn One! With pictures starting from the hospital to present.

(lol @ the pic over my left shoulder) :)

For the table decorations, we used cheap dolla' store plastic tablecloths and layered them with the material from her monthly photos. Each table had a old-skool Reader's Digest Book with Balloons tied to it.

The food table consisted of a sandwich making station, chips, chip-dip, fruit skewers with fruit-dip!  Pink lemonade to drink and a tub full of soft drinks (which should have been elevated OFF of the floor so that "the incident" (refer to post below) wouldn't have happened.

The cupcakes came from Wal-Mart bakery. I gave them several sheets of paper from the left-over scrapbook paper I used for the letters and told them to match the color scheme and "Go Wild!" Wal-Mart's butter-cream icing cupcakes are actually really good , and for 6 dollars a dozen... yeah, totally purchased SIXTY along with one a lil' smash cake, just for Camille.With the Cricut cupcake wrapper cartridge, I was able to make the cutest cupcake wrappers out of, once again, scrapbook paper.  I placed those precious cupcakes in those precious cupcake wrappers and adorned each of them with Camille's down-sized monthly photos printed on card stock! They were a HIT!  For other sweet treats, I made Oreo Truffles and Puppy Chow Chex Mix and plenty of Hershey Kisses (Camille's absolute most favorite candy!)

For Party Favors:

orientaltrading.com, Baby!
Chalkboards, with chalk and an eraser
Apple Pencil Ornament
Birthday Coloring Book
Hershey kisses labels: "Sweet Kisses from Camille"
Book Worm Pencil Eraser (Cannot find on website, now)

The tissue poms were hand-made. The big poms (Pink and Red ones) were made using the Martha Stewart brand tissue pom kits. (Those were given to me by a friend at Christmas time last year and they have been used for three events!: They were the backdrop for Camille's birthday photo session, I used them at a Baby shower and then her birthday party) They are really durable, just gotta "re-fluff" each time you use 'em. The smaller ones were made from dollar tree polka-dot tissue paper. I secured them to the tile ceiling using fishing line and large paper clips. SO EASY!!!

Here is the video I used to learn how to make them:

I made a ton of silly props for an event (The Flip Flop Ball) we had in our town a couple of months ago and re-used them for Camille's Party. These are easy to make. I googled free templates and combined the many I found from various sites. Just cut them out, traced on heavy duty felt, cut with an exacto knife and glued to a wooden stick.

We played music which included some of Camille's favorites: Single Ladies by Beyonce', Country Girls Shake it for Me by Luke Bryan, Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland, and many more! AND of course we had to play, Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder!

I neglected to pass out the cutesy party hats for the children to wear, or place the precious "Mud Pie" party hat on the Birthday Girls head... womp. womp. Other than that, and having to dislodge a chunk of ice from Camille's throat, everything went perfectly!

We received a TON of books that fill up the bookshelf Patrick built (The night before the party... yeah.) While I was busy dipping oreo balls in almond bark and cutting out letters, Patrick was at Pigeon Creek Cabinet Shop working hard on a bookshelf. We still need to paint it, though... pictures to come soon.

Camille "Mean Muggin'" with her "Gi Gi"

A Bow? I don't think so!

Happy FIRST Birthday, Camille! It's a JOY to be your Mommy... I'm so thankful God gave me you!

October 3, 2011

Only Us.

The First Birthday Party for Camille has come and gone! We celebrated her birthday on October 1st and let me tell ya how it started off:

Everything went perfectly except for this one small, "minor" mishap.

20 Minutes before arrival of guests, Patrick was tending to Camille while I was placing the finishing touches on all the decor.

Camille began playing in this:

And popped one of these in her mouth:

which caused this:

And as a result, Patrick had to perform this:

Causing Camille to have one of these:

AND- it all ended with Christy feeling like this:

I'am in NO WAY making lite of the situation... okay, maybe I'am- BUT if there is ANYTHING I have learned over the span of this last year: 
Laugh to keep from Crying, Laugh to keep from Crying, Laugh to keep from Crying. 

I so look forward to the time when Camille doesn't put every single object she finds in her mouth! This child snarls at a green bean approaching her lips but will find a dead bug on the floor and chomp on it like its flippin' Filet Minon!  I look forward to a time when Camille has great footing and doesn't fall head first into the wall... I look forward to a time when she has the reasoning to say to herself, "Hmmm, that's not such a good idea". 
I hate to say I'm rushing this BABY stage- But, I AM! Right now, she's a walking hazard and it is beyond stressful trying to be there every.single.time she needs me to soften her fall, slap that bug out of her hand before it enters her mouth or be on stand-by to perform the Baby Heimlich Maneuver on a whim if need be!

It's all very, very intimidating and overwhelming!

AND- this need to save her from all harm's way will NEVER EVER go away no matter how old she gets... Will it?!
Birthday Post is coming soon... as SOON as I have the chance. In the meantime, click HERE to see the pictures from Camille's Birthday Photo Session!