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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

November 5, 2010

While She's Napping...

Thought I'd do a quick post since today Camille is celebrating her 1 month birthday.
Hard to believe a month ago we brought her home from the hospital... time is REALLY flying by! I don't even want to think about returning to work... its going to be hard, very hard.

She's a wonderful sleeper and isn't very fussy at all. It took 3 weeks and 4 days for her umbilical cord to fall off... and I was THRILLED when it did! She loves baths but she HATES getting dressed. Patrick thinks Camille won't like him because he doesn't feed her, so I surprise him occasionally with bottles (I've pumped) in the fridge so he can participate in feedings.

She will only take the pacifier she was given in the hospital. It's a MAM brand and its ugly with a blue MAM emblem on it.
(Laikyn and Camille)

I've tried others... but you can't fool her, she knows the difference. I've come A LONG way since the hospital as far as mothering skills go. Initially, I thought I was going to break her and it took me forever to change a diaper or put her in a onesie. Now, I'm a pro and Patrick's getting pretty good at everything too. Patrick uses probably 10 plus baby wipes when changing a dirty diaper and I've now got it down to three, tops... Patrick needs a little more practice. She sleeps in a Co-Sleeper next to our bed and I was hoping to have her sleeping in her crib starting next week... But P said he isn't sure if he's ready for her to be in there by herself yet (her bedroom is seriously 6 ft from ours- ha!) A week after being home we began strolling around the neighborhood a couple of times a day. If Patrick is on shift at the Fire Department, we walk there and have lunch with him. We've had LOTS of visitors and have enjoyed all the company and all the food they bring! :) My nephew Taylor is warming up to Camille. I thought after months of him rubbing and kissing my stomach, pointing at it and saying "Camilsh in there" he would be thrilled to meet her. Well, not so much... he growled at her and when my sister asked Taylor if he thought Camille was pretty? He said, "nooooo!" and ran off. Now he hugs her and wants to give her kisses.
(Emily, Taylor, and Camille)

In the past month:
visited her pediatrician three times
got baby acne, cleared baby acne... has baby acne again :(
managed to sleep from 11 p.m.- 6 a.m. quite a few times
taken many many naps! (Her and I both)
celebrated her first Halloween
went to the polls and voted on Nov. 2nd
gone through (estimating) 360 diapers and way too many wipes!

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Lori Mercer said...

Okay, now's the perfect time to get started in taking a monthly picture of her in the same place each month so you can watch her grow. Think ahead about the spot you pick because it will get harder in the later months. I did Katelyn's in my glider but Owen's on our bed. I love looking back at them! Here's a link to Owen's - http://themercerfamilyblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/twelve-months.html.

I don't have Katelyn's all in one post but here's an example from one month - http://lorimercer.xanga.com/478123429/eleven-months/

It's a fun project and you ought to give it a shot - now's a great time to start! :) Lori