"Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he has been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just like people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, and most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is just like an old time rail journey ... delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride."

~ Gordon B. Hinckley

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Patrick and I started off 2010 with a BANG... a BANG that came in the form of a stick that electronically read: PREGNANT. Looking back at this year-  I have to say, it has been the absolute best year of my life. Along with all the worry, stress, and uncertainty that came along with becoming a first time parent... I got Camille; my Sunshine--- my one and only sunshine.

What a fun year it was!

In January, we found out we were preggers!

My sister and nephew Taylor moved in with Patrick and I for a while in February. Emily and I became closer that we have ever been :) Through her struggle, we managed to find LOTS of laughter and good times. I'm so glad she chose a better life for herself- and now, she and Taylor are doing better than ever!

The month of March was a busy month with helping Lacy sort our her wedding details and organizing and throwing her a shower and bachelorette party!

Griffin and Lacy Jo FINALLY married in April!

We found out Camille was for sure a "SHE"  in May, then SHE consumed all of my thoughts... and the NURSERY decorating and the FIGHTING over a name with Patrick commenced!

In June, Lacy confided in me that they were expecting twins!!!
We visited Savannah, GA to spend time with family.

Then in July; Lacy, Griffin, Patrick, and I stood on the beach beside our friends Jason and Stephanie as they became husband and wife

The months of August and September were spent attending my baby showers, eating a TON of watermelon, swimming- well....floating in pool's, and propping my swollen feet up and YES- getting weekly pedicures.

On October 4th- I FINALLY agreed to an induction and on October 5th, we checked into Jackson Hospital at 5:30 a.m. and Camille arrived at 4:25 p.m.

 Looking back, I really did have a good sense of humor as the weight piled on, my shoes no longer fit, and when my nose grew about as much as my belly did! Towards the end of September--- it got VERY miserable... and Patrick had to get VERY supportive.  After Mil arrived, I spent the remainder of 2010 trying to soak up every waking minute I have with her (which isn't a lot, because the child sleeps all day and all night!) As she's doing her cutesy things: coos, goo's, smiles, and grins- I make a mental note not to forget the moment because every week she changes just a little. She turned 12 weeks on Tuesday and time is really flying by. The better part of Tuesday night I removed all of her clothes she's outgrown from her closet and drawers. This is the second time, I've had to do this and it's so fliipin' sad :(
I ate A LOT of words in 2010: 

"I'm naming her Mary Anders- I don't care what he says... the mother signs the birth certificate, anyways!"
I'm thankful for my husband who fought me tooth and nail because I couldn't imagine her named anything other than Camille Elizabeth. Mary Anders.... really what I thinking? Ha!

"I'm NOT being induced... I want to go into labor naturally, and then I'll decide the rest as it comes..."
I'm thankful for my husband who just nodded and smiled when I told our Doctor, "It's time... let's get her out!" and held me tight while I was so fearful as that epidural was placed in my back. (BTW, as terrified as I was of the epidural... I HAVE NEVER wanted a needle in my back so badly!!!! )
"I plan to nurse for 6 months- that's what's best for the baby..."
I only lasted 10 weeks because I went back to work full-time... and I'm thankful for a husband that went to Wal-Mart multiple times to purchase many different types of bottles until we found just the right one for Camille to drink her formula. :)
"She will sleep in her crib... not in the room with us!"
I'm thankful for my hubby who says, "Put her in the middle of the bed so we can share her."

YES--- lots of words have been eaten... I could go on and on!!!

Even though I read multiple books, had hands-on experience with all of our nieces and nephews, and knew the generalized concept: feed, sleep, poop, repeat... It wasn't until Camille was handed to me, with her bottom lip poked out and her big eyes staring up straight at me, I thought to myself--- I have never been more unprepared for anything especially anything of this magnitude in my life!

So yes, again... I am very VERY thankful for a husband who didn't miss a beat and is STILL such a huge part of the feedings, diaper changings, and the endless duties that come with a new baby. He truly surprised me how hands on he's been HE is a wonderful Dad!
The majority of the first nine months of 2010 were spent sleeping.  Then when Camille arrived in October, there were two weeks of feedings around the clock every 2.5 to 3 hours... and on the third week- she started sleeping through the night!!! Camille and I slept a lot during the remaining 6 weeks of my maternity leave... and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Her head resting on my arm with her chin nuzzled perfectly into my neck, and listening to her breath is my MOST favorite thing in the world!

In 2010, our lives changed forever with Camille now in the picture. The hardest thing to adjust to is how everything has to be planned in 3-4 hour increments and revolve around naps, feedings, and wake time. Being a first time parent is tough... but, we've BOTH done pretty well so far. I was given A LOT of advice while pregnant and I have to say the very best advice I was given was to not keep our house quite.  Camille can just about sleep through anything! The only thing I would have done differently would have been to make a sign to hang on my front that said, "Come back another time... mom and baby are resting!" Although, I enjoyed ALL of the company AND FOOD- sometimes, we would lay down for a nap and the Bug Man would come a knockin' or the UPS guy would pound on the door! Grrrrrrrr!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas... It even snowed a little bit in South Alabama.

Patrick and I got Camille the as Seen on TV "Your Baby Can Read" program! You know, it really really  works! SHE just read Huckleberry Finn to me just last night *wink*
Your Baby Can Read! Pictures, Images and Photos
WHO KNOWS- if it really works! I've read both good and bad reviews on it... all I know is, it surely can't hurt to try! Patrick was dead set on getting her the set and I plan to do a review of it here on my blog.

My BIG BIG BIG present came in a fairly small size box. My hubby got me THIS baby:
The 18 Megapixel Canon EOS Rebel T2I kit with Video Capability
 Camille better get use to her "Mommarazzi!"

My camera came with some photography classes and I am signing up for classes starting in February... until then, I plan to leave it in the BOX! It's overwhelming to me to even think about taking pictures with it yet... so many setting- so many buttons- its giving me anxiety!!!
On the Sunday after Christmas, we headed to Atlanta, Georgia to attend our friends Nick and Elise's wedding. The trip to Georgia was a 3 hour drive in Patrick's truck. My Sister-In-Law Allison came along to help with Camille since I was a bridesmaid and would have lots of bridesmaid duties. On the way to Georgia we experienced our very first SICK baby while traveling incident. We stopped about an hour into the drive to get some food and Mil projectile vomited all over the back seat, my purse, herself, and the car seat while in the drive-thru at Whataburger. Eeeek! It was awful... I had to get her out of the car and take her into the restroom and clean her up on changing tables. (public changing tables are the NASTIEST things- VILE! So, I carry Clorox Cleaning Cloths in her diaper bag to wipe them off) Once I got Camille changed and calmed down, I took her back out to the truck... buckled her back in and we went 5 minutes down the road and what happens... projectile vomit AGAIN- but, not as bad as last time. Then she just dry heaves. We pulled over at a rest area and I got her out to change her again. After wiping down the changing table with multiple Clorox cloths... I was about to reach and get Camille out of her car seat when I saw THAT look on her face and her hands balled up in fist. The SAME look she gets when she is about to BLOW OUT her Pamper... This LOOK:

 And SHE did!!!! Twice!!!
I had to throw away her clothes. After I got her all cleaned up and calmed down once again... I left the bathroom to meet Patrick up front. I was in tears and he was ready to go back home. Thankfully, she went to sleep and did well the remainder of the trip. We thought she either had a bug or was car sick. We believe she got carsick because once we were in the hotel and situated... she was back to her normal angel self.

The Hotel we stayed in was called LOEWS and was located in Midtown Atlanta off of Peachtree. It was a short walk to the wedding venue: OPERA If you ever need to stay in Atlanta and happen to be traveling with a young child- I HIGHLY recommend the LOEWS hotel. They provided us with a microwave to heat bottles, a crib, and a box of goodies for the baby.

Our Wedding Guest Gift!... how CUTE!

Nick, Me, and Elise at the Rehearsal Dinner

The LOWES hotel is also VERY pet friendly because they allowed Elise's pet pig, YES... Pet Pig, Violet to stay there as well. :)

(Violet and Elise's Dad, Mr.Geoff)

Elise was absolutely stunning- flawless! She was the most unstressed bride I have EVER seen and one of the few brides I've known to actually ENJOY every minute of their wedding day. Elise has the greatest parents and sweetest family. I hope that Patrick and I have the kind of relationship with Camille that they have with their children.

Me holding my HAPPY smiling baby girl.


Allison, Me, Rebecca
Photo Booth Fun!

A little about my friend:
Elise is my Soul Sista! She moved to our town all by herself right out of college to work as a reporter for our local news station. Her news station rented office space where I work... and that's how we met. I'll NEVER forget that day: She was walking into City Hall and I gave a friendly, "Hey" and headed to lunch. When I came back, I stopped by her office to introduce myself. Over the next few days, we discovered we had LOTS in common and the same goofy sense of humor... which is exciting, because not many people get my kind of humor but, she did--- right of the bat!

Even though our friendship timeline has been short, I feel like she has been apart of my life forever.

Patrick and I wish Nick and Elise all the happiness in the world- and we hope once they've moved on to much BIGGER things and NEW opportunities... they'll always come back to visit where they began their lives together as husband and wife. We love you and cherish your friendships!

New Year's Eve

I visited my PawPaw in the ICU. He has Congestive Heart Failure and Pneumonia in one lung and fluid on the other. Its hard to see my PawPaw in such bad shape... I know he WILL bounce back from this- He is the strongest man I know. Please pray with our family for a full and speedy recovery, he's truly one of the most wonderful people on the planet and we need him here with us!!!

After visiting my PawPaw, I got to have lunch with some friends from my high school graduating class:

After the hospital visit, I really needed the laughter they brought to me this day. It was fun catching up and being silly with them... MY jaw HURT from laughing so much.

Later on, all of our friends came over for Taco Soup and to watch the "Snooki Drop" haha.

Here's to 2011 and lots of Laughter...

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Lori Mercer said...

WOW!! Absolutely GORGEOUS pics from the wedding! GIRL!! Get that camera OUT of the box pronto! Set it on the "green camera" (AUTO) and go to town. I promise you can't mess it up and you will NEVER figure it out without playing with it. The manual is useless unless you need answers to a specific question. Honestly it will help you in your class even more if you've had time to play with it first. Then you can asked specific questions about what you've encountered. I'll help you also in any way I can. Happy New Year! :) Lori