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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

October 3, 2008

My Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Bedroom

Ever since I saw Sex and the City the Movie- I have been in LOVE with the color of her Carrie's newly redecorated apartment. I found a matching color online- Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue. Our Bedroom is large in size and it has a Window and French Doors. I am debating on whether to paint an accent wall and the other walls a cream color... or to go all out Blue- I can't decide. Here is a Pic of SJP's New Digs and the look I'm going for: Yesterday, I found this bed for sale on CraigsList.com. I have been looking for a piece like this! I was so excited when I found it- I called the lady (She lives in Prattville, which is like 1 hour away) and she said it was still available for the price of 150 bucks! I'm getting it Friday! I am going to paint it black and I think it will look amazing against my Carrie Bradshaw Blue walls. Don't you think?
The Seller described it as "Real Rod Iron" and said it could be painted very easily.
I am STOKED about this bed!!
I wish the headboard was a little higher- But, I'm going to hang a mantle above the bed along with framed pictures. But, I love the footboard... its so vintage.
I am in the market to purchase a Chaise Lounge to go in the corner of the bedroom between the window and the French Doors. I hope to find a used one with a "funky" shape and then have it upholstered. I have been checking the Goodwill every Thursday for a Chaise. I may have to breakdown and purchase it retail. :( If anyone finds one- Please let me know. I am waking up early to YARD SALEing tomorrow. I saw a bunch of signs out tonight- Wish me Luck!


JAY said...

I LOVE that bed, it's going to look great in there...

and I still think you should do the blue, It will be so cute.

Jessica said...

Girl go ALL blue!!!