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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

October 21, 2008

.Uncle Mack's for Dinner.

Back: Griffin, Joelle, Uncle Mack, Patrick, and Jason
Lacy Jo, me, and Stephanie
Jason's Uncle Mack (who we all call Uncle Mack) invited us over for Dinner last Wednesday for some Cuban inspired Cuisine. It was wonderful- he is an excellent cook!!
We started off the evening with Sangria and Vegetables with Dip.
For dinner we had the following:
A salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing
Black Bean Soup Main Course:
Fried Rice
Fried Plantains
Beef and vegetables (I don't know the name of it... but it was delicious!)
and for desert we had Homemade Praline Cheesecake and Real Cuban Coffee
He spent hours on the dinner- and he waited on us hand and foot.
We had the best time. Here are some pics:
Thanks Uncle Mack!
This would have been a nice Picture-
Thanks Patrick... if only the camera had taken the picture a second later. :)
Drink that Cuban Coffee, Steph!

Hmmm... mmmm...good ole' Sangria A Smiley Picture! YAH! Finally!

-Us Girls-

Griff and Lacy Jo

Poser! Jason Griffin- proud part owner of Greenville Glass For all Glass Emergencies contact Griffin Via- Cell Phone ANYTIME! :)

Jason and Steph

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