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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

November 23, 2008

**Twilight Spoiler Alert**

Patrick and I caught the 9:45 showing last night. First let me say... I thought the book was way better than the movie. While reading the book I envisioned many things differently than the movie portrayed. For instance:
  • Even though I REALLY liked the part where they played baseball- I had envisioned The Cullens playing in the sky high up above the clouds.
  • The Cullens house was a disappointment to me. They didn't depict at all how the book described the Century Old house.
  • Also, I noticed they through in a bit about "recycling" in the movie when Bella and Edward were on a school trip. That took away from the movie to me... and bugged me a little.
  • Edward was AMAZING- this actor went over and beyond my expectations.
  • Bella, on the other hand, just didn't deliver to me. She looked Exactly like I had envisioned but she didn't do so well in the acting category (to me). I am mainly referring to the part at the end when she was in the hospital room. She was trying to convince Edward to never leave her... and she took it a little overboard.

I know the movie couldn't be exactly like the book so that fans of the book would still have the element of Surprise while watching the movie.

Patrick, who has not read the book, liked the movie.

I liked the movie... but it isn't something I would want to watch again anytime soon.

even PEREZHILTON.COM agrees with me about Bella! Here is what he wrote...

So, We Saw Twilight Last Night… And? We really liked it! We didn't LOVE it, but it was more than "so so" and just a "like." The chick that plays Bella was super annoying but Robert Pattinson definitely lives up to the hype. He carries the film - in more ways than one. We wish the movie was a bit longer, though. But they probably left us wanting more on purpose. Sequels!


Fireproof is playing at our theater now...I'm gonna try to con Patrick into taking me this week. :) I really want to see it! If you don't know what the movie is about go to. http://www.fireproofthemovie.com/ and watch the trailer... it looks amazing.

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