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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

June 17, 2010

Finally- A NAME!

Camille Elizabeth

Dear Camille,

Your dad and I have had a very hard time deciding on what to name you. I wanted to name you Pennie Anders (which was out from the get-go) followed by Mary Anders or Kathryn Anders "Kate" and your dad's top choice was Amy followed by Denny, Vivian, Mariah, and Andy. I hated his names and he HATED mine. I wanted so badly to name you Mary Anders! Mary, because your dad and I were both named after our Grandma Mary's and Anders, because that's a common family name on my side AND let's not forget Jesus' Momma's name was Mary- so, you just can't go wrong with Mary! Your dad thought Mary was too old fashioned and he didn't like the idea of calling you a double name. : ( I shed some tears... but, I understood his argument and it would be terribly wrong to name you something that your daddy dislikes SO much!

So, last week I told him, "Okay- all of my names are OUT and so are yours... let's start fresh and find a name TOGETHER that we both like". We sat in the living room and your dad went through his handy-dandy Baby Name App on his I-Phone. After calling out a hundred names... your dad said, "What about Camille?" Hmmmm... I hadn't thought of the name Camille- and I really liked it! Camille has all the elements I love in a name; its timeless, classy, and I can visualize you as a baby as well as an adult named Camille. Your dad says we can call you Cami for short (so, he still gets his trendy name) and I just might call you Milly... sometimes. :) I ran the name by some of my closest friends and family- and everyone liked it! Then, I looked up the definition of Camille on-line and this is the first thing that came up:
and it said:
The meaning of the name Camille is Perfect
The origin of the name Camille is French
Alternate spellings: Cameal, Camile

and then- ON TOP of Camille meaning Perfect... the town you'll grow up in is called the "Camellia City"! How perfect is that!?
Now, on choosing the middle name: I didn't like the name Anders (which I had my heart sat on) with Camille and I still wanted to use a family name. I called my "BumbleBee" (Grandmother) to find out some more family names on my moms side... I could choose from the following:
Gladys Ray
Gladys Missouri
Mary Francis
Mary Idell
That got me nowhere with the name and only made me realize that my heritage is pure Backwoods... Banjo Playing...Turnip Green Eatin'... Country!

Elise suggested Elizabeth (which happens to be my middle name) and we both concluded that Christy Elizabeth having a little girl named Camille Elizabeth was just too PERFECT to pass up. So, you're officially named- and no longer referred to as TBA (to be announced). We can't wait to meet you... our perfect sweet baby Camille.


*So, You Got Jokes? Yes, I am very much aware that Hurricane Camille was the third and strongest tropical cyclone and second hurricane during the 1969 Atlantic hurricane season. Any level-headed person realizes nameing a child Camille will not cause her to behave like a little hurricane or affect her behavior in any way shape or form. Besides, its not like I'm naming her Katrina. : )


Rebecca said...

GEEZ! I go on vacation, and you update like crazy!! I feel so out of the loop.

1.) Your child's name is beautiful. I want to cry it's so damn terrific!
2.) I will call her Millie. That's final.
3.) When I read this post, I laughed OUT LOUD during a dance on stage that was not supposed to be funny.

"You got jokes?" HA!

Christy said...

1.) I'm so glad you like her name!

2.) I love that you'll call her Millie!

3.) When people say they think of Hurricane Camille, I want to slap them across their damn face. :) HA!