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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

March 6, 2011

Happy 5 Months Old!

Her 4 month post is below this one... just finished it!

Look at those CHUNKY legs!!!
This was on SNL Saturday night live and Patrick and I thought it was hilarious...
Baby Spanx!
The following pictures were made March 6, 2011

Hey Mil!
You turned 5 months old on Saturday! Can't wait to see what this month will bring :) Happy 5 Months Old, Sweet Girl!
In your 4th month:

Our PawPaw was released from a 60 day stay at the Hospital! We are all so happy AND THANKFUL he is home and feeling better :)

You cut TWO bottom teeth!!!

Began eating fruits and vegetables,in addition to your rice cereal. You love carrots, peaches, bananas, and sweet peas!
Rolled over from front to back and then back to front

You scoot and maneuver across our living room rug

You started sucking your toes!
Began playing with your exersaucer... which you LOVE!

The MAM Pacifier Saga

So, as I've mentioned in previous posts that Camille ONLY takes one pacifier... the one they issued her at the hospital. Well, this particular pacifier has a very large latex nipple and I have searched and searched for one just like it.  I ordered one off of Amazon and thought I had found its match, but when it arrived it was much smaller than hers. So while we were visiting my PawPaw at the hospital, the same hospital I had Camille, I went to the Postpartum ward and explained my dilemma to one of the nurses (who I was surprised remembered me!) and asked if I could have another pacifier.  She happily gave me two more and when I looked at it, I explained that this couldn't be the same one they issued Camille when she was born.  I took her pacifier and showed it to all the nurses who had now gathered around to check Mil out... and they all began to laugh. They informed me that Camille had stretched it to that size!

Look at the Comparison:

I was so embarrassed! I never noticed the pacifier getting larger... perhaps, because Camille was growing larger right along with her paci or maybe because her first month of life was so overwhelming that I just didn't have THE TIME to notice.  The only Paci's I had for Camille were silicone ones and she refused anything silicone- even bottles. We live in a small town and latex anything for a baby is so scare (because of all that BPA mumbo jumbo)... by the time I did get her another MAM latex in Montgomery, hers was stretched out to her liking!  I don't know what we will ever do if we lose this bad boy!

The sweet teenager that watches Camille for me at the Y while I work out texted me and said she bought Camille some cute pacifiers. HA! Her one and only paci has started looking pretty rough... so, while she was busy in her exersaucer today--- I removed the MAM logo and blinged it out with a "C"
Lesson Learned for next baby:
Have plenty of the same paci's to switch so that baby doesn't get attached to one!

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from her 4th month

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